300 t Steel Ladle Base Design

BlueScope Steel (Port Kembla, New South Wales, Australia)

BlueScope Steel required thermal-structural assessment of a proposed base design modification for a 300 t steel transfer ladle. The existing ladles were subjected to repeated fatigue cracking and were to be modified with a new base design to alleviate base stiffener stress concentrations and to extend service life.

What we did:

  • Performed thermal-structural FEA of revised ladle design incorporating existing ladle shell and trunnions, new base assembly and refractory and considering liquid steel (ferro-static) pressure loads with varying boundary conditions (representing different operating states).
  • Completed ladle base design review in accordance with standard AISE No. 9 to validate proposed ladle design revisions and confirm design compliance.


Avesta Consulting verified structural integrity of the revised ladle base design and confirmed design compliance of the proposed ladle design revisions with standard AISE No. 9 requirements.