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Platform GT Exhaust Stack Assessment

Nebo Project Engineers (BlueScope Steel, Port Kembla, NSW, Australia) Nebo Project Engineers required fatigue assessment and design modification of a materials screen exciter beam for BlueScope Steel (Port Kembla). Avesta Consulting performed dynamic structural analysis and fatigue assessment to verify strength and fatigue life of the exciter beam components in

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WHRU Header Fatigue Assessment

Clyde Bergemann Australia (MODEC – Brazil) Clyde Bergemann Australia required fatigue assessment of a waste heat recovery unit (WHRU) header for MODEC. Avesta Consulting performed a thermal-structural analysis and fatigue life assessment of the WHRU inlet and outlet headers to verify strength and fatigue life of the header shells, encirclement

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Pipe Rack & Skid Frame Structural Assessment

Refrigeration Engineering International (Sonker Basin 3 Liquid Bulk Terminal Project – Ain Sokhna Port, Egypt) Refrigeration Engineering International required structural assessment and foundation design of a pipe rack, refrigeration skids and off-skid pipe supports for the Sonker Basin 3 Liquid Bulk Terminal project. Avesta Consulting completed a structural assessment of

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