Dredger Design Modification

Nebo Project Engineers (Boral – Dunmore, New South Wales, Australia)

Nebo Project Engineers required design review, structural assessment and design modification of a dredger boom for Boral (Dunmore Quarry). Avesta Consulting reviewed the existing design and engineering report and performed additional structural assessment to validate boom loads, confirm structural integrity and optimise boom tube wall thickness in accordance with standard AS 3990.

What we did:

  • Reviewed engineering report for existing dredger boom design, provided review comments and validated methodology for determining boom loads, including cutting torque and force, line force and anchor holding force.
  • Performed structural FEA of dredger boom design to verify structural integrity and optimise tube wall thickness in accordance with standard AS 3990.


Avesta Consulting validated dredger boom loads and provided independent structural analysis to verify design compliance with standard AS 3990 and minimise tube wall thickness.