Elevated Slab Vibration Assessment

ADG Engineers (Vue Robina – Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)

ADG Engineers required vibration assessment of an elevated slab structure for the Vue Robina Stadium Village development project. The elevated slab structure was supported by multiple columns and subject to dynamic vehicle loads resulting from adjacent roadways suspended from the slab structure. Avesta Consulting completed vibration analysis (i.e. transient dynamic structural assessment) to determine acceleration response and locations of peak accelerations resulting from different vehicle loading combinations, multiple lanes and braking loads for human comfort criteria comparison.

What we did:

  • Developed moving load scenarios based on specified vehicle load combinations, including load paths and specification of vehicle types (weight/axle spacing), lanes, vehicle velocities and directions and braking loads as per standard AS 5100.
  • Performed dynamic structural FEA of elevated slab structure considering moving load combinations to determine acceleration response.
  • Calculated acceleration-time history, determined peak acceleration locations and provided acceleration-time data for further post-processing (i.e. third octave analysis) and human comfort criteria comparison.


Avesta Consulting completed the elevated slab structure vibration assessment and provided acceleration-time data at peak locations for further analysis, with the acceleration response of the house slabs expected to remain within the residential day and night acceptance criteria for human comfort when subjected to light and heavy traffic loads.