Fuel Tank Structural Design

IAC Acoustics (The Star Sydney – Pyrmont, New South Wales, Australia)

IAC Acoustics required preliminary design and structural assessment of a rectangular fuel tank for The Star Sydney. Design of the fuel tank shell, stiffeners, baffles, hatches, nozzles and supports was required in accordance with standards AS 1692 and AS 4100 considering hydrostatic pressure and seismic loads.

What we did:

  • Performed preliminary design and structural FEA of fuel tank considering permanent, internal (hydrostatic) pressure, seismic and lifting loads.
  • Determined an optimal internal floor, wall and roof stiffener configuration considering strength and fuel baffle requirements.
  • Determined support beam and anchor bolt requirements.
  • Reviewed engineering drawings in accordance with standard AS 1940.


Avesta Consulting determined an optimal fuel tank design that achieves standards compliance and meets fuel baffle and transportation and installation requirements.