Hospital Floor Vibration Assessment

ADG Engineers (St Vincent’s Private Hospital – Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia)

ADG Engineers required vibration assessment of a proposed elevated floor slab structure for St Vincent’s Private Hospital (Toowoomba, Queensland). The elevated floor slab is supported by multiple columns and is subjected to dynamic loads resulting from human footfall. Avesta Consulting performed vibration analysis (i.e. transient dynamic structural assessment) to determine peak acceleration response at medical equipment locations for vibration requirement criteria comparison.

What we did:

  • Defined dynamic moving loads (i.e. load magnitude-time relationships, lanes, velocities, directions) and paths resulting from human footfall.
  • Performed dynamic structural FEA of elevated floor slab structure considering dynamic moving loads and paths (i.e. human footfall) to determine acceleration response.
  • Calculated acceleration-frequency response at medical equipment locations and compared with medical equipment vibration requirements.


Avesta Consulting completed the elevated floor slab structure vibration assessment and confirmed an acceleration-frequency response within vibration requirements at medical equipment locations.