Hydrocarbon Reforming Furnace Door Design

Shinagawa Refractories Australasia (QNP – Moura, Queensland, Australia)

Shinagawa Refractories Australasia required engineering design of access doors for a hydrocarbon reforming furnace at the QNP Moura ammonia plant. The access doors were required to be retrofitted to an existing furnace wall to provide access for remote cleaning tools (for cleaning of furnace tube bundles), requiring design and thermal-structural assessment of a refractory lined reinforced door frame with davit arm mechanism to confirm suitability.

What we did:

  • Developed three access door designs consisting of door, door frame, adjustable davit arm and monolithic refractory lining components, including alloy anchors.
  • Performed thermal-structural FEA of access doors considering closed and open door positions and furnace high temperature operation.
  • Confirmed access door structural integrity considering steelwork and refractory lining/alloy anchor components.


Avesta Consulting confirmed a suitable furnace access door design that minimises steelwork and refractory stresses and maintains furnace accessibility through appropriate door refractory geometry and tolerancing and davit arm adjustability.