Nitrogen Canister Holding Bracket Strength Assessment

Global Defence Solutions (Nowra, New South Wales, Australia)

Global Defence Solutions required strength assessment and certification of a nitrogen canister holding bracket used for an air transportable field kitchen fire suppression system. Structural analysis of the nitrogen canister holding bracket was required to verify compliance with standards MIL-STD-209K and AS 3990 considering acceleration loads.

What we did:

  • Performed strength assessment of nitrogen canister holding bracket considering bracket components, nitrogen canister and bolted connections with standard MIL-STD-209K derived design limit (acceleration) loads.
  • Determined peak bracket component/weld equivalent stresses, bolted connection normal and shear stresses and confirmed design compliance with standard AS 3990.


Avesta Consulting completed strength assessment of the nitrogen canister holding bracket and verified design compliance of the components with standards MIL-STD-209K and AS 3990.