Platform GT Exhaust Stack Assessment

IAC Acoustics (Petronas – Bokor Phase III Project, Malaysia)

IAC Acoustics required thermal-structural assessment of exhaust systems for the Bokor Phase III Project Central Processing Platform (CPP). Thermal-structural analysis of the gas turbine generator (GTG) and gas lift compressor (GLC) exhaust systems was required to validate insulation lining performance and structural integrity in accordance with standard CICIND considering permanent, internal pressure, thermal and wind loads.

What we did:

  • Performed thermal-structural FEA of GTG and GLC exhaust system components (including support frames).
  • Determined deflections/stresses in structural components, welded/bolted connection capacities and support loads.
  • Checked GTG/GLC stacks for vortex shedding and ovalling effects (considering vibrational frequencies, lateral restraints and stiffening rings).
  • Checked GTG/GLC stack external thermal lagging and support thermal break requirements considering allowable touch temperatures.
  • Confirmed design compliance with CICIND standard requirements and project specifications.


Avesta Consulting determined appropriate lateral restraint, stiffening ring and support details and confirmed standards compliance for the GTG and GLC exhaust systems.