Turbine Isolation Door Design

Wave Swell Energy (UniWave200 Wave Energy Converter – King Island, Tasmania, Australia)

Wave Swell Energy required concept development, preliminary design, structural assessment and component selection for an isolation shut off door for the proposed UniWave200 oscillating water column (OWC) wave energy converter. The shut off door was required to cover the OWC top opening to prevent operation of the wave energy converter during storm conditions or maintenance periods and satisfy specified design criteria.

What we did:

  • Developed multiple shut off door design concepts for further evaluation, comparison and selection based on specified design criteria.
  • Performed shut off door preliminary design, engineering calculations and equipment specification.
  • Performed shut off door frame structural FEA in accordance with standard AS 4100 considering operating loads and maximum wave impact pressure.
  • Determined shut off door cassette lifting configuration and installation/removal procedure.


Avesta Consulting successfully developed a viable isolation shut off door design that met all design criteria requirements, is self-closing in the event of an emergency event and can be progressed to the detailed engineering and fabrication phases in line with project requirements.

“Avesta Consulting worked with Wave Swell Energy in developing a unique shut off door to isolate the air flow from the turbine to our wave energy converter. We found Brad and the team to be very competent and professional in the work they conducted for us.”

Chief Technology Officer, Wave Swell Energy Ltd