VS Lime Kiln Refractory Design

Shinagawa Refractories Australasia (Sibelco – Attunga, New South Wales, Australia)

Shinagawa Refractories Australasia required thermal-structural assessment of a proposed refractory lining for the Sibelco Attunga VS lime kiln. The existing bricked refractory lining was to be replaced with a 2-3 layer monolithic lining with anchors, shelves and expansion joints, requiring structural assessment to verify performance and to determine anchor and shelve requirements (including alloy and refractory anchor options).

What we did:

  • Performed thermal-structural FEA of lime kiln monolithic refractory lining considering alternative anchor/shelve configurations (including alloy and refractory burning zone anchor options).
  • Determined preferred anchor configuration that minimises thermal growth and maximises thermal lining stability.


Avesta Consulting confirmed a suitable anchor and shelve configuration that minimises refractory stresses and maximises thermal lining stability.